Our Fee For Service and Independent clinicians have asked us to provide them with a tool that will enable them to view a detailed report of the services they are providing and the pay they will receive.  We have created the TheraCare My Pay website to provide them with this and more.
With the TheraCare My Pay website, our clinicians cannot only view the details for their current paycheck, but they can view details for their prior and upcoming paycheck as well.  The payroll department will post paycheck data on this website on the pay date for each pay cycle.   

This enables clinicians to verify their pay data in a timely manner.  It also provides information for the clinician to use in the event a discrepancy  is found in their pay data. 

Also included on this website is a handy Calendar that lists every pay date for the entire year as well as information relating to our Help Desk.

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You must have a valid logon in order to access the My Pay Detail area of our website.  To obtain a logon please contact your local TheraCare branch and they will assist you in receiving your logon and password.

  If you identify a discrepancy in your paycheck data using the My Pay Detail area, you can contact our Payroll Help Desk to resolve the problem.  Simply click on the Help Desk tab in the toolbar above to view our contact information and further instructions.

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